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Our History

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Part I: Bangcheng ... gone through...

Eleven years has passed since the founding of Bangcheng in 2000. Over the 11 years, Bangcheng has gone through successes and failures and experienced both joy and bitter, advancing from perseverance to tonicity, and from an obscure small workshop to an enterprise with well-defined targets today. The current Bangcheng witnessed the tireless efforts and realistic spirit of Bangcheng people, laying a solid foundation for the promising future of the company.

Part II: Positioning​​​​​​​

At the early period of Nanjing Bangcheng Technology Co., Ltd. since its foundation, because of the lack of expertise in the area of flexible packaging, the technical standards of our production equipment was very low. Therefore, categories of products were very limited, and the products were positioned at low end; in addition, the product quality control was very unstable, the production was inefficient, and it was difficult to control production costs. At that time, the flexible packaging industry is also underdeveloped in Nanjing, and the supporting industries also relied on external places. Even customizing a printed plate or buying raw materials had to depend on Anhui or Zhejiang, leaving the production and operation of Bangcheng isolated, high-cost, and less competitive. In those days, the core business development of Bangcheng was limited to the local place of Nanjing, with cluttered business categories. Nanjing is only 200 km away from one of the domestic distribution centers of flexible packaging, and many flexible packaging factories in Tongcheng have also set up business organizations in Nanjing; at the same time, some flexible packaging companies from Longgang in Zhejiang have also entered the city, which caused internal troubles and outside interference to the company, imposing a fatal blow to Bangcheng, a small-scaled company without clear market positioning, leaving it face one obstacle after another. At this point, Bangcheng became acutely aware of the importance of product positioning for the survival of a company in the market.

Thus, Bangcheng started earnest and meticulous market research. They learned about that the demand for apparel plastic shopping bags accounted for a large share in the entire market of fashion accessories. The greater the share of apparel companies in the market, the larger the demand for plastic shopping bags; in contrast, domestic factories engaged in flexible packaging for this field were limited in number. Being informed of the huge market space in apparel shopping bags, it identified their own objects of products and services. The corporate management resolutely decided to adjust the product structure, upgrade production equipment, and concentrate efforts on the R&D of the aforesaid product category. The business expansion is oriented to the local garment enterprises.

At the end of 2001, Bangcheng joint hands with a large Hong Kong based apparel brand - BALENO Nanjing branch. In that year, the order quantity of BALENO Nanjing branch reached 1.5 million, Bangcheng learned that “Baleno BALENO” has many other branches like this in China. Furthermore, there were also many other apparel brand companies of considerable scale which were similar to BALENO. Thereby, Bangcheng spotted the potential and future of the shopping bag area, and affirmed their belief in the positioning of shopping bag products.

Part III: Entering Shanghai​​​​​​​

In 2002, under the guidance of Baleno, Bangcheng came to Shanghai where it set up a sales department. The Shanghai market is both the unpredictable temptation and a serious test for the company. Shanghai is an important city for apparel companies at home and abroad to set up offices. Therefore, it is also the largest potential market of plastic shopping bags in China. Where there is a market there is competition. At that time, there were already a number of domestic and international powerful shopping bag manufacturers having occupied the Shanghai market, plus the local small businesses accessing the shopping bag field, Bangcheng was at very grim situation, being threatened by competitors front and rear.

At the end of 2002, major clothing companies are keen to use their Brand Ambassador for brand promotion, for which they need plastic shopping bags printed with the image of the brand ambassador. At that time, there were not many companies in the market that were able to print exquisite patterns on plastic shopping bags, and many shopping bags of apparel brands had to order them from factories in Hong Kong and Taiwan, which pushed up the costs, and made it difficult to ensure the production cycle. Therefore, apparel enterprises were eager to find some domestic enterprises which were able to develop such products. The opportunity for Bangcheng came. It immediately organized staff to visit and study at the manufacturing enterprises in Taiwan, and careful analyzed the essentials and related technical parameters for producing plastic color printing shopping bags, to independently develop appropriate formula and processes, while discussing with existing customers about the shortcomings of product and making relevant modification. In 7 months, the company finally produced the first plastic color printing shopping bag, with the overall quality was at the leading position, which has also greatly reduced customers’ acquisition costs. After being launched to the Shanghai market, our products were recognized by all users. Therefore, other apparel companies from cities and provinces across the country, such as, Beijing, Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Shaanxi all came to cooperate with Bangcheng. Thus, the market in Shanghai was opened up. Bangcheng not only has a number of excellent client resources but also truly accessed the Chinese market of shopping bags, which is the significance for Bangcheng to enter Shanghai.

Part IV: Self-strengthening​​​​​​​

Over the years, Bangcheng’s product categories have been increasing and the service and quality of the company have been continuously improving. The customer base of the company has become increasingly stable. Through growing together with customers, the company has made sound achievements. After that, Bangcheng has established cooperative partnership with some top-level leisure brands in the country, such as JEANSWEST. Thus, Bangcheng has occupied a considerable market share in the shopping bag market.

In August 2008, Bangcheng also organized the kraft paper shopping bag manufacturing project. Most of the manufacturing processes of shopping bag products are completed by the production equipment, realizing the low-cost, low power, high efficiency, and standardized manufacturing process of paper shopping bags.

Just as Bangcheng is unanimously recognized by the industry, the product problems fed back from customers as well as the internal management problems of the company has also emerged. Insufficient production capacity, imperfect production planning and quality control process, unhealthy supporting logistics methods and system and other problems have brought inconvenience to customers, which have also become a stumbling block for the company to quickly achieve its goals!

Bangcheng has sensed the unprecedented danger, and began to realize that over-fast development turned out to result in the mismatch between the production and management. Just as the saying goes, “Never too old to learn, never too late to turn.” The management decided to suspend all new business development, to develop and implement corrective plan:

• Upgrade production equipment, reduce staff, increase efficiency, save energy, and reduce emission, to improve staff’s working conditions, and expand production scale;

• Invite management training institutions to conduct training on a regular basis, organize staff to visit excellent companies, study management methods of excellent companies, and gradually improve production standards, aim to improve the scientific management level, the technological level of production, and the quality consciousness of all staff.

• Cultivate the team spirit, to create a good corporate culture, and a harmonious working atmosphere.

In 2011, Bangcheng organized the high-end personal care packaging project and high-end non-composite industrial packaging project, which will be officially put into operation in 2012. On this basis, we can improve the anti-risk ability of the company and achieve the goals of diversified development in the flexible packaging field!

Bangcheng is still improving its inner strength, in order to stand firm in the competition of the flexible packaging industry, and become a top-class company of flexible packaging brand.

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